Bardolinoland makes history with a 2-floor transition area!

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Bardolinoland, the amusement park of Garda Lake triathlon, surprises sportsmen and experts every year with its innovations thanks to relentless patron Dante Armanini.

A bright, or rather, astonishing solution has been found to solve the age-old issue of allowing more and more triathletes, whether experienced or beginner, coming from all Italy and abroad, to participate in the longest-living event of the Italian Triathlon Federation.

The Bardolino International Triathlon​ will present itself shiny to its audience as always and… with a 2-floor transition area!​

Indeed, a wooden loft will be built and the event of Garda Lake’s pearl will bring its capacity to over 2,000 participants.

The second floor will be built in wood, with a floor area of over 1,000 square metres and 3 non-slip, access ramps. Close attention and care will be paid to accessibility, functionality and safety.

Thanks to the will of Dante Armanini and his very close and trained staff, the unbelievable innovation of giving unforgettable moments to anyone that would compete in the Bardolino International Triathlon will come true.

As regards participation issue, entries are literally flying even higher and 2015 records have been smashed. At 4 months from the beginning, a record number of 1,000 athletes has been reached already!

Within 14th February the entry fee will be of €60.00, while from 15th February the entry fee will be of €70.00.
Saturday 18th June you cannot miss the opportunity to participate in the memorable event of the Italian triathlon that will settle a new, unbelievable record.

Bardolinoland, for the first in the world, will feature a 2-floor transition area and 2,000 triathletes will be present at the start of the Olympic triathlon!

Source: press release 33° Bardolino International Triathlon by Dario Nardone/

Saturday 18th June 2016 the 33° Bardolino International Triathlon will take place. This is the longest-living race of the FITri (Italian Triathlon Federation) and the most participated Olympic triathlon among Italian triathletes.
Thanks to its patron, Dante Armanini, and the staff of G.S. Bardolino sport team, the event of Garda Lake has been constantly growing year after year, reaching over 1,500 entrants on 2015.
The attention for athletes, Elite and Age Group, as well as the charming courses and all the services offered also to the audience made this race the most loved one among Italian triathletes.
Great Italian and foreign champions left their names on the book of records, also thanks to the prize money of €20,000.00.
The 2016 overwhelming innovation regards the extension to the transition area. Indeed, a wooden loft will bring the transition area capacity to over 2,000 participants.