Registrations will be opened at December, 15th 2023

It is mandatory to complete entries on-line upon registration on the website by filling in the information below:

  1. personal details (Surname + Name + Date of Birth);
  2. valid F.I.TRI. card number for 2024;
  3. membership club;
  4. email address;
  5. phone number;
  6. size (e.g. S, M, L, XL, XXL) of the special and exclusive, technical gift for participants.

Foreign athletes can omit point 2

Entry fees can be paid after completing the on-line registration, that is mandatory, through the following methods:

  1. credit card directly from the abovementioned website;
  2. bank transfer including the following mandatory data:
  • Recipient: G.S. BARDOLINO – Via G. Marconi, 19 – 37011 Bardolino (VR);
  • Bank: VALPOLICELLA BENACO BANCA (Bardolino Branch);
  • IBAN Code: IT61A0831559260000000170164;
  • Codice BIC/SWIFT: ICRAITRR8R0 (for international payments);
  • Reason: “Surname and Name” (mandatory);
  • Entry fee: reduced or ordinary amount based on date of payment.
  1. PayPal upon registration on the related website:

The registration is considered valid and accepted only after the actual payment. The confirmation of payment will arrive automatically via email; as regards payments by bank transfer, confirmation times are approximately 5 working days.

No later than 7 days after the payment has been cleared, applicants will receive an email confirming the execution of the entry.

The closing date for entries is expected at the achievement of 1.500 participants. After this number, any new entries after the withdrawals and/or cancellations of athletes who already registered regularly to the race will join a special “waiting list”.


Entry fees

Full price: € 95 





€ 80




€ 85




€ 90




€ 95




New: NO GADGET RATE: (minus) -10€ on the fee valid at the time of payment (valid until registration closes as per FI.TRI regulation.)

The entry fee for the male and female Junior categories is of €15

The entry fee for the male and female Under 23 categories is of € 25

Please note: those who paid the participation fee and won’t be able to take part, have the right to be reimbursed 50% of the paid fee according to the FITRI regulation, if communicated within 20 days before the race.

ONE DAY MEMBERSHIP (ODM) € 20 (+ registration fee)

The one day membership (ODM) will be given only upon presentation of the medical certificate specifying the term “Triathlon discipline” (as required by the FITRI).
The medical certificate has to be valid and not expired on June, 1st and it must be presented at the collection of the race pack .

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Entry Fees includes the pictures you can free download from the official website.



Important: due to authorization issues because of the practicability and the high numbers of athletes, the maximal time of the International Olympic Triathlon of Bardolino is as follows: 40 min for swimming and one hour and a half for biking. Total allowed time is 3 hours and 15 min after the start of the last heat without ranking (training is needed). Otherwise, participants will be stopped.