Date of the event

The 39° Bardolino International Triathlon will take place on Saturday 15th JUNE 2024.

The 1st wave will start at 12.30pm at Lido Cornicello and finish at the adjacent Park of Villa Carrara Bottagisio. The competition will be held over the typical Olympic distance as follows: 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run. All the athletes will be divided into different waves, depending on Italian national F.I.TRI. and foreign Elite ranking scores. Female category will start with the first wave.

Start at 12.30 pm 1st heat Women at 12.32 pm 2nd heat Women,

At 12.33 pm, 3rd heat Age Group.

At 12.42 pm all the men's batteries (based on your ranking) followed by 2'30 "each. In this way, the maximum time allowed for the first 3 batteries increases to at least 3 hours and 35 min.

The event will finish around 6.30 pm after the award ceremony, the pasta party and the rich buffet with the exclusive 3D cake (if possible due to covid restrictions).



The competition is organized by the A.S.D. G.S. Bardolino sport team, having its registered office in Via Ca’ Brusa’ 2 – 37011 Bardolino (Verona) Italy. The event, falling under the aegis and contribution of Bardolino’s Municipality and the auspices of F.I.TRI., is supported by the technical collaboration of Bardolino’s sport clubs and its neighbouring municipalities.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – website:


How to participate

To participate in the Bardolino International Triathlon it is necessary that the athlete is registered with a F.I.TRI company. Foreign athletes, on the other hand, will have to present their nation's sports card. It is also possible to obtain a daily pass (so-called "daily pass") at a cost of € 20.00 (+ registration fee), upon presentation of the medical certificate of competitive activity showing the specification "in the sport of Triathlon" based on as established by the current FITRI Technical Regulation.


Entry procedure

It is mandatory to complete entries on-line upon registration on the website by filling in the information below:

  1. personal details (Surname + Name + Date of Birth);
  2. valid F.I.TRI. card number for 2024;
  3. membership club;
  4. email address;
  5. phone number;
  6. size (e.g. S, M, L,XL, XXL) of the special and exclusive, technical gift for participants.

(Foreign athletes can omit point 2)

Entry fees can be paid after completing the on-line registration, that is mandatory, through the following methods:

  1. credit card directly from the abovementioned website;
  2. bank transfer including the following mandatory data:
  • Recipient: G.S. BARDOLINO – Via G. Marconi, 19 – 37011 Bardolino (VR);
  • Bank: VALPOLICELLA BENACO BANCA (Bardolino Branch);
  • IBAN Code: IT61A0831559260000000170164;
  • Codice BIC/SWIFT: ICRAITRR8R0 (for international payments);
  • Reason: “Surname and Name” (mandatory);
  • Entry fee: reduced or ordinary amount based on date of payment.
  1. PayPal upon registration on the related website:

The registration is considered valid and accepted only after the actual payment. The confirmation of payment will arrive automatically via email; as regards payments by bank transfer, confirmation times are approximately 5 working days.

No later than 7 days after the payment has been cleared, applicants will receive an email confirming the execution of the entry.

The closing date for entries is expected at the achievement of 1.500 participants. After this number, any new entries after the withdrawals and/or cancellations of athletes who already registered regularly to the race will join a special “waiting list”.


Entry fees

Full price: € 95 





€ 80




€ 85




€ 90




€ 95




New: NO GADGET RATE: (minus) -10€ on the fee valid at the time of payment (valid until registration closes as per FI.TRI regulation.)

The entry fee for the male and female Junior categories is of €15

The entry fee for the male and female Under 23 categories is of € 25

Please note: those who paid the participation fee and won’t be able to take part, have the right to be reimbursed 50% of the paid fee according to the FITRI regulation, if communicated within 20 days before the race.

ONE DAY MEMBERSHIP (ODM) € 20 (+ registration fee)

The one day membership (ODM) will be given only upon presentation of the medical certificate specifying the term “Triathlon discipline” (as required by the FITRI).
The medical certificate has to be valid and not expired on June, 1st and it must be presented at the collection of the race pack .

Register right now!

Entry Fees includes the pictures you can free download from the official website.



As per the F.I.TRI. technical regulation, withdrawals or waivers for non-participation shall be noticed, without exception, no later than 20 days before the race. Within this date, entrants will be eligible to receive a refund of the 50% of the entry fees already paid or to replace the race number with another athlete, to be notified to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
After this date, no amounts related to the entry fees already paid will be refunded. In the event of the event being cancelled for reasons of force majeure and/or seriously inclement weather, entry fees will not be refunded in any way.


Race Pack

Athletes or their delegates will have the possibility to collect the race pack on Friday 14th June 2024 from 06.30pm to 09.00pm and Saturday 15th June 2024 from at Palazzetto dello Sport, located in Via XX Settembre. The race pack will contain: race number; number sticker for bike, and baggage storage; swim cap; chip for electronic detection of timing and appropriate bracelet to enter the transition area.


Mandatory equipment

All entrants, as per the F.I.TRI. technical regulation in force, shall wear the following equipment, as mandatory, during the race:

  • electronic timing  CHIP worn around the ankle (for the whole race);
  • homologated melme;
  • frame, double-sided number placed on the bicycle;
  • race number to be clearly visible at rear during the bike course, in the front during the run course.
  • BIKE – Bullhorn handlebarsand and lenticular wheels are not allowed.

 It is mandatory to wear a full bodysuit (vest and shorts not allowed)

Lenticular wheels, handlebar extensions and Chrono bikes are not allowed.


Rankings and controls

The electronic processing of final rankings with the partial times of the three courses (swim-bike-run) and the two transition areas T1 (for swim-bike transition time) and T2 (for bike-run transition time) will be carried out by a skilled company called MY SDAM. Moreover, three intermediate satellite controls will be taken during the bike course and two during the run course.


Swim course

The swim course will start in front of Lido Cornicello at 12:30 and will finish at the slipway of Villa Carrara Bottagisio.


  • 12.30: 1^ Wave Women
  • 12:32  2^ Wave Women
  • 12:33  3^ Wave Age Group
  • from 12:42 starts the other following Male Athlets waves according to their actually Ranking
  • 2 minutes e 3 seconds from every waves

Wetsuit will be permitted only if lake’s water temperature, once measured officially at 12.00pm by race directors, should be under 22° C.

Please note tha the whole maximum race timing for Women and Age Group will be 3 hours and 35 minutes


Due to traffic and road authorization issues, the cut-off time to complete the 3 competitions is 3 hours and 15 minutes starting from the last swim wave (cut-off swim course: 40 minutes – byke course: 1 hour and 30) . Athletes out of time limit shall be stopped and will be subject to removal from the final results.


Bike course

It is strictly forbidden to ride the bicycle within the transition area. Triathletes shall ride their bicycle once within the area properly signed. Athletes who will not wear the protective, rigid helmet will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

The 40km bike circuit runs on a single lap, along a mixed land through the neighbouring municipalities, and it shall be completed in a cut-off time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Roads will be totally closed from traffic and monitored by 200 volunteers, followed by 50 motorbikes. Every athlete, once completed the course, shall rack the bicycle in the assigned area.

Legaldraft is allowed due to the high number of participants.

As per the FITRI technical regulation, racing handlebars,bullhorn handlebars and  lenticular wheels are not allowed. Mountain bikes with related extensions are not allowed. The shifting device cannot be applied to the ends.

All participants are obliged to observe the rules of Highway Code.

Lenticular wheelshandlebar extensions  and Chrono bikes are not allowed.

It is mandatory to wear a full body (vest and shorts not allowed).


Run course

The 10km run course will pass along a flat 5km circuit, to be done 2 times. You will find a feed station near the transition area and 5 wet sponge points along the course.

No triathlete shall accept to be helped or to be assisted, forerun or followed with cars, motorbikes, bicycles or by foot by any helper, under penalty of disqualification.



Important: due to authorization issues because of the practicability and the high numbers of athletes, the maximal time of the International Olympic Triathlon of Bardolino is as follows: 40 min for swimming and one hour and a half for biking. Total allowed time is 3 hours and 15 min after the start of the last heat without ranking (training is needed). Otherwise, participants will be stopped.


Transition area

The transition area will be located within the Park of Villa Carrara Bottagisio and will be completely fenced off with metal barriers. The opening time is expected on Saturday at 10.00am and the closing time at 12.15pm of the same day, concurrently with the start of the pre-race, technical briefing that will be held by the Race Referee.


Additional services

The following additional, agreed services will be provided:

Free basic technical assistance for the bicycles of the athletes registered for the event.


Exclusive services

Bardolino International Triathlon stands out for its exclusive services and features:

  1. To all the participants the exclusive sublimated Body: it is modeled for men’s and women’s sizes
  2. free picture of athlete’s arrival (and more), to be downloaded from the official website
  3. bank charges included, as well for all other forms of payment (credit card or paypal)
  4. The exclusive and unique transition area with raised floor (“loft”), that is an absolute new feature in the world: mq. 21.368 with over 550 bicycle racks.
  5. The total prize money is of 15,000.00€ (fifthteen thousand euros). The top 20 overall men and top 20 overall women. Non–cash prizes will be given to the first 7 Age Group (male and female) and the first 7 Junior (male and female). Trophies will be awarded to the 5 most copious teams. (non-cumulative prize)
  6. prerace and after-race treatments provided by a team of 15 masseurs of “E. Fermi” from Perugia
  7. Health safety: 6 Doctors, 12 nurses, field hospital, 5 ambulances and medical cars (Red Cross health plan)
  8. safety along the route: 15 divers, 6 watercraft, 20 boats, 50 motorbikes offered by the local Motorbike Clubs
  9. Security in the Transition Area (and surroundings): 15 guards to verify access to authorized person (only athletes)
  10. swim course signalled by a steel cable (1.500 m) under the surface of the water and marked by buoys spread out at intervals of 250 metres (250 – 500 – 750 – 1000 – 1250).
  11. plenty of gazebos reserved to those athletes waiting for the swim course;
  12. parking for athletes only in Loc. Canove at 600 m. from the Transition Area.
  13. final refreshment with 6 types of fresh fruit (800 kg) and a hearty tart with fresh jam (100 kg) , 25,000 bottles of water, and the legendary cake personalized in 3 D.
  14. carboload” pasta party on Friday night prerace;
  15. bike course running on a “champions route” across the municipalities, where great champions were born, such as Adolfo Consolini in Costermano, Sara Simeoni in Rivoli Veronese and Andrea Benvenut in Affi;
  16. final rankings with times of single courses and times of the two transition areas (T1 and T2), that will be available at the end of the competition in paper award for all athletes;
  17. electronic data collection with 5 satellite controls and widescreen displaying name and times of thfinisher
  18. 500 volunteers to support the triathlets
  19. helicopter for broadcasting of Italian sport channel “Rai Sport 1”;
  20. maxi-videowall to follow the race from arrival stages;
  21. 12 artificial bridges available to athletes and the public.
  22. The splendid Tourist Location of Bardolino visited for the occasion by over 8,000 spectators scattered: in the exchange area, Departure and finish line, along the lakefront and in the main streets of the village.
  23. 2,000 Athletes representing 24 Nations
  24. World fame: the American magazine Triathlete has included the Bardolino race among the Top 3 in the world on the Olympic distance.
  25. basic technical assistance for bicycles provided by the dedicated company
  26. Bike Rental
  27. non- stop music during the race day from 10.00am to 05.00pm;


Awards and prize money (jackpot)

Exclusive € 15.000 Jackpot for the top 20 overall men and top 20 overall women.

Non–cash prizes will be given to the first 6 Age Group (male and female) and the first 7 Junior (male and female). Trophies will be awarded to the 5 most copious teams. (non-cumulative prize)

Prizes cannot be cumulative, therefore the overall placement will have priority on the age group placement. In case of same placement in both these rankings, prize option will be given to the athlete.

Prizes are intended before tax to the eventual withholding tax document (ritenuta d’acconto) of 20%, under the tax law in force.


Image rights

By entering this competition, athletes authorize the free use of their image, their own personal details, together with static and/or moving images and its diffusion by press and/or tv for publicity and promotional aims, for present and future times, under the europe Law 679/16 (GDPR)and subsequent amendments and supplements (Privacy Law).



By entering this competition, participants specifically waive any responsibility or right to any compensation against the organising team, its partners or suppliers, all kinds of race officials, sponsors and proponents, arising out of the participation in the competition and/or in its side events.


Insurance Policies

The event is covered by a proper insurance policy executed by the F.I.TRI. and by an additional TPL (Third Party Liability) insurance.


Final rulesi

Unless otherwise provided for in this regulation, the F.I.TRI. technical regulation in force shall apply.
Bardolino A.S.D. G.S., as organising team of Bardolino International Triathlon, and its contractors, shall not be held responsible for accidents and/or damages to people or things that should happen before, during, after and/or as a consequence to the event.


Complaints and appeals

Any complaint and/or appeal shall be forwarded exclusively to the Competition Jury in the manner and time provided under the F.I.TRI. technical regulation and upon payment of the filing fee, if and to the extent due.


Amendments and/or supplements

The Board of Directors reserves the right to amend and/or supplement this regulation and/or the race courses in its final opinion for justifiable reasons.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.